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Advance & Planning

The Arrangement Conference (At-need & Pre-need): At the arrangement conference, the funeral director will collect statistical and biographical information to be used for official documents and press releases.  Funeral arrangements are discussed and planned to honor the deceased and to provide appropriate accommodations.  Choosing various merchandise to coincide with the style of services selected complete the objectives of the arrangement conference.  The following items are helpful to bring to the arrangement conference.
  • A recent photograph
  • Proof of social security number
  • Birth Certificate (or Knowledge of the Information)
  • Cemetery Deed (or Knowledge of the Information)
  • Biographical information Click here for Biographical Organizer (Adobe PDF Format*)
  • Honorable Discharge Certificate (DD-214) for veterans.
Advance Planning Advantage: When funerals are planned at Gehret Funeral Home, with or without pre-arrangements, families can count on a graceful and informative process throughout the entire funeral experience.  As advanced funeral planning continues to become more and more common, families often express how helpful it has been for them to have chosen advanced funeral planning.  Some of the common advantages are as follows:
  • Personal wishes can be expressed and shared with the family.
  • Families are comforted to learn of their loved ones selections.
  • Intentional financial decisions can be made without emotional burden
  • Financial considerations can be addressed in advance or deferred until time of need.
  • Natural part of retirement planning, estate planning and long term care transition.
  • Prepared obituary information and pre-selected merchandise can aid in prompt scheduling.
  • Peace of mind.